Storage Tips

Here are a few helpful hints and tips to putting your treasured possessions into our storage facilities.

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How does self-storage work?

Max Self Storage sites offer purpose-built, self-contained and lockable rooms that you can hire for short or long periods. You have free access at any time during opening hours.

Who can use self-storage?

Almost anyone who needs extra space can use our facilities, including private individuals, local groups and businesses.  The space can be used for long-term storage of items such as furniture, or for seasonal goods and other types of temporary uses.

Do I need to take any precautions when storing household contents?

Flammable materials cannot be accepted, so remove gas cylinders, petrol etc from anything you want to store. Make sure you have not included perishable items such as food (and also batteries inside appliances).  Garden implements and vacuum cleaners should be cleaned before storage and equipment such as tents should be dried if necessary.

Avoid packing crucial items such as passports or bank books.  Your clothes will usually be fine without mothballs, as vermin control is carefully maintained.  It is worth using the original transit bolts in washing machines so they are not damaged while moving.  Finally, when stacking goods, start with the heavier and more robust items, with lighter and delicate objects higher up.

Is there anything I am not allowed to store?

Most everyday items are fine, but there are exclusions for flammable, toxic and perishable materials and for livestock. We prohibit the storage of anything containing a lithium-ion battery with a rating of 160Wh or higher; this includes e-bikes, e-scooters, and all other forms of electric vehicle.  Full details of prohibited items are in your licence agreement, or call us on 0800 988 4439 if you have any specific items in mind.

How much space do I need?

Our calculator will help you to work that out.  A typical one-bedroom flat needs 60 sq ft of storage, with more like 150 sq ft needed for a large house.  Units are 7-8 feet high, so stacking is possible.  Make sure you take account of the maximum dimensions of anything you want to store, as well as total volume.

What sizes of units are available?

Sizes range from a small 6x5 foot room (or even a single locker in some locations) all the way up to 250 square feet.  If you need more space than one room can provide then you can simply hire further rooms in any combination.

How do I rent a unit?

Ask us for a quote, or call us on 0800 988 4439 our branches and explain what you need.  After completing a simple licence agreement and paying for first month’s storage, along with a deposit, you can have immediate access. To move in, bring with you a photo form of ID (photo driving license or passport and proof of address). We will then complete a simple license agreement and with payment of your first month's rental, along with (refundable) security deposit you can have immediate access to your unit. Don't forgot to bring a padlock to secure your unit or you can purchase from us.

Can you help with house moves?

Many people use our facilities while moving house and we can offer a range of support including packing materials, help with van hire/removal firm selection and choice of insurance. Call us on 0800 988 4439 for more information on house moves.

Can I upgrade to larger, later on?

This is usually straightforward, because there are usually a range of units available at any particular point in time.

Can I store hobby equipment?

If you have a wind-surfing board, camping equipment, bicycles, sailing equipment or just about anything else, self storage is the perfect way to keep your kit in a convenient place.

What about business equipment?

Businesses store an enormous range of things with us, whether archive files, seasonal goods, surplus stock or spare furniture.  Because you retain easy access, self storage offers an ideal alternative to more expensive alternatives such as extra office or warehouse space.  Some businesses even operate what amounts to a mini distribution centre.

What are the charges?

You will always be given a specific price for your own requirements.  Rental is paid monthly, with one month’s security deposit.  You will usually need to give two weeks’ notice when vacating a unit, and charges will be calculated up to the end of that two-week period.  Provided there is no damage to the unit, your deposit will be returned a week or so later.

How long can I rent for?

There are no limits – you can stay as long as you wish, if your rental payments are up to date.

What about insurance?

If you don’t arrange insurance with us, you will need to lodge with us details of the insurance that you have arranged elsewhere. You can buy £1,000 worth of cover from us for as little as £1.00 per week.

For our full terms and conditions regarding our insurance services please download our insurance PDF document: