Household Storage

There are many reasons why householders need to store goods for short or longer periods. For example, not every house move is a seamless transition. Your new property might not be ready, and self storage offers the ideal short-term solution at a surprisingly low cost.

Downsizing is another important area where self storage can help.  It allows you to keep safely all of those extra pieces of furniture while you decide what to do next.

Even before a move, storage can actively help you to sell your property. Clearing excess clutter is a great way to create a better first impression for potential buyers, making your property look bigger and more desirable.  That can have a big impact on the speed of sale and the price you get.

Whatever your reasons, additional jobs are the last thing you need when you are contemplating a big change and Max Self Storage can provide you with all the necessary boxes and packing materials.  We can also assist in arranging van hire, or recommend a reputable removals company.

Up to 8 weeks half price storage

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